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June 7 through July 5, 1987 




Arts Commission of Greater Toledo 

Athena Art Society 

Craft Club of Toledo 

Fiber Forum 

Northwestern Ohio Watercolor Society 

Photo Arts Club 

Spectrum Friends of Fine Art 

Tile Club of Toledo 

Toledo Area Glass Guild 

Toledo Area Sculptors Guild 

Toledo Artists' Club 

Toledo Friends of Photography 

The Toledo Museum of Art 

Toledo Potters' Guild 

Toledo Women's Art League 

UT/TMA Joint Degree Program in Art 


Louise Egnew, President 

James Brower, 1st Vice President 

Robert Martin, 2nd Vice President 

Betty Jean Jacobson, Corresponding Secretary 

Lucy Webster, Recording Secretary 

Marti Werner, Treasurer 

Steve Johnston, Trustee 

Eleanor Bacon, Trustee 

Nelson Thai, Trustee 


Annual Special Award — Robert Martin 
Constitution/By-Laws — Eleanor Bacon 
Exhibition Entries — Marti Werner 
Exhibition Returns — Helen Zeller 
Finance — Marti Werner 
Fund Drive — Guy-Michael B. Davis 
Jury Selection — Lucy Webster 
Jury Dinner —Christine Turnbull 
Membership — Lucy Webster 
Nominations — Mary Murray 
Permanent Collection and Loans — 

Edith Franklin 
Prospectus and Catalogue — Steve Frushour and 

Darlene Lindner 
Publicity — Steve Frushour 
Reception — Toledo Area Sculptors Guild 
Sales — James Brower 


Marjorie Levy 

University of Michigan 
Ann Arbor 

Rudy Pozzatti 

Indiana University 

Louis A. Zona 

Executive Director 

Butler Institute of American Art 

Youngstown, Ohio 


American Frame Corporation 

The Blade Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Boeschenstein 

Guy-Michael B. Davis in memory of Arthur Pass 

First Federal Savings and Loan Association 

Mary T. Wolfe 

S.S.O.E. Incorporated 


Art Associates, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Clement 

Louise and Tom Egnew 

Richard C. Glowacki 

Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Hartung, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Kistler 

Mrs. Dominick Labino 

Mr. and Mrs. Abe J. Levine 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lupe 

Charles L. McKelvy, Jr. 

Jeremy Paterson 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Saunders 



Jeanne Arnos 

Athena Art Society 

Patricia Beazley 

Frank and Eleanor Bacon 

W. B. Ball, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Beren 

Laurel G. Blair 

Jim Brower 

Jane S. Buell 

Mrs. John A. Caple 

Chapman Art Gallery 

Color Haven Inc. 

Mrs. Freeman Crampton 

Mrs. F. C. Curtzwiler 

Mrs. Robert H. Davies 

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Day 

The Frame Shop 

Edith Franklin 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Frushour 

R. E. Gross 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gunther 

Thomas Hegg 

Dr. and Mrs. Ted Hilty 

David Carrell Hudson 

Mr. and Mrs. Haig H. Kazazian 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Klein 

William A. Kuhlman 

Mrs. Edward Lamb 

Robert M. Lubell 

George P. MacNichol, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard F. Madigan 

Robert E. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGowan 

Irving and Mary Murray 

Northwestern Ohio Watercolor Society 

Mrs. Conant M. Ohl 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Orser 

Mrs. W. Boyd Owen 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Preketes 

Dr. and Mrs. Louis C. Ravin 

Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Ristevich 

Mrs. David R. Rittenhouse 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Roshe 

Lois B. Shelly 

Mrs. Gilbert H. Stiegel 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Skutch 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snug 

Mrs. Carl Staelin 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swartzbaugh 

Nelson E. Thai 

Sylvia M. Thai 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Thomas 

Toledo Artists' Club 

Christine B. Turnbull 

Theda Wagenknecht 

Lucy Webster 

Dick and Marti Werner 

Mrs. James D. West 


The Toledo Federation of Art Societies welcomes 
you to our 69th Annual Exhibition. This show has 
grown in diversity, quality and importance over 
the years, and has become one of the outstanding 
cultural events in this area. 

We would like to express our appreciation to the 
many artists who submitted their work for con- 
sideration. The work we show was selected by a 
distinguished panel of nationally known jurors, 
who were chosen by the sixteen member groups 
of the Federation. 

Special recognition is due to The Toledo Museum 
of Art. Over the years they have graciously pro- 
vided the space for the exhibition, as well as staff 
time, a meeting room, and storage for the pieces 
in our permanent collection not out on loan. We 
would like thank Mr. Roger Mandle, Director, and 
Mr. Steve Frushour and the Museum staff for the 
fine installation of the show. We also wish to 
thank Mr. Guy-Michael B. Davis for his capable 
work as Finance Chairman, and, not least, our 


General Awards are selected by the jury on the basis 
of quality regardless of style or medium. The jury is 
authorized to give an award of $750 for Best of 
Show, five First Awards of $250, five Second Awards 
of $175, and five Third Awards of $100. The jury 
also presents the Israel Abramofsky Award of the 
Temple-Congregation Shomer Emunim for $500 for 
an outstanding entry in any medium, the Molly 
Morpeth Canaday Award of $350 for an outstanding 
painting, the Roulet Medal for excellence in painting, 
graphics or sculpture, and the Craft Club of Toledo 
Gold Medal for excellence in crafts. 

The Toledo Friends of Photography Award for Ex- 
cellence in Photography, a cash prize of $100, is 
given to the photographer whose work is judged the 
most meritorious. The Toledo Area Glass Guild 
awarded $125 for excellence in glass art to celebrate 
the 25th year of studio glass in America. The Arts 

many friends and patrons. 

In 1960 the Federation inaugurated the Special 
Annual Award, a certificate to be presented at the 
opening of the Toledo Area Artists Exhibition. The 
person so honored, in the opinion of the commit- 
tee, has done the most for the arts in Toledo. Last 
year's recipient was our former president, Nelson 
Thai. This year, I am pleased to announce, the 
award has been given to Schuyler Yates. 

It has been a privilege to serve as President of the 
Federation, a difficult job made easier by the 
willing and very competent help of the officers, 
committee chairmen and delegates. 

We hope you will find viewing this year's exhibi- 
tion a stimulating and enjoyable experience. 

Louis Egnew 


Toledo Federation of Art Societies 

Commission of Greater Toledo Purchase Award is a 
cash/purchase prize of $500. The work will become 
part of the permanent collection of the Arts Commis- 
sion of Greater Toledo. 

Purchase Awards are selected by the Purchase 
Awards Committee of the Toledo Federation of Art 
Societies which consists of the Chairman of the 
Permanent Collection Committee and Federation of- 
ficers present at the Annual Area Artists Exhibition 
judging. The committee selects purchase awards for 
the permanent collection of the Federation from 
those works considered for general awards. Purchase 
awards are added to the collection of the Toledo 
Federation of Art Societies which is administered by 
The Toledo Museum of Art with the approval of the 
Federation Permanent Collection and Loans Commit- 
tee. Loans of work from the permanent collection 
are made to civic organizations upon request. 


Unless otherwise noted, exhibitors are from 
Toledo. All cities are in Ohio except as 
■ Indicates award winning entry. 

Lissa Addington, Bowling Green 
Broken Promise, platinum photograph 

Rayma Adkisson, Adrian, Michigan 
Live in Deeds, acrylic on canvas 

Annette Lee Albring 

Someone Said "Never Again" (diptych), intaglio 

with plate 

Diana Attie 

Insomnia (triptych), mixed media 

James Bankey, Sylvania 
Spindrift, bronze and soapstone 

H. P. Beckmann 

Portuguese Holiday, acrylic on canvas 

David Bewley, Bowling Green 
I Slippery Hip, photograph 
First Award 

Karen Bowers 

Longview, photograph 

Jim Brower 

Elsie's Window, watercolor on paper 
Candidates for Goodwill, watercolor on paper 

Susanna Clement, Weather — Or Not 
Toledo Friends of Photography Award 
for Excellence in Photography and 
Purchase Award 

Meredith Wenzel, What to Play? I Brought My Toys 
Craft Club Gold Medal 

Leonard L. Marty, Half and Half 
Toledo Area Glass Guild Award 

Constancia Brown 

Three Bells (set of 3), bronze 

Jaye Bumbaugh, Lima 

Blackie the Crow Crashing his Plane into a 

Greenhouse, watercolor and ink on paper 

Jeanne H. Butler, Findlay 
Trees in the Meadow, oil on canvas 
Topenga Canyon, oil on canvas 

William A. Chapin 
Gift-Wrapped Form *I, mixed media 

Walter H. Chapman, Sylvania 

i Holy Toledo, watercolor 
Roulet Medal 

Susanna Clement 

I Weather — Or Not, photograph 

Toledo Friends of Photography Award for 

Excellence in Photography 

Purchase Award 
I White Navaho, photograph 

Second Award 

Bonnie Coen, Erie, Michigan 

Cyanotype IV and X, cyanotype 

Teeth Series 1, 2, 3 (triptych), hand-colored 


Plant Series *3, colored photograph 

Linda Copley-Arnold 

I Crazy Quilt Series: *3, oil on paper 

First Award 
The Great Divide, mixed media 
Hello, Joan, oil on canvas 

Scott Cunningham, Bowling Green 
Under the Gun, photograph 
Darkness of the Mind, photograph 

Frederick Davenport 
I Quiet Days in Clichy, acrylic on canvas 

Third Award 
Nuit de Paris, acrylic on canvas 

Lois Dorfman, Lambertville, Michigan 
Shalom II, neon and plexiglas 

Laurel Egnew, Sylvania 
Elmore IV: Pencil, colored pencil 

Carolyn Erler 

Burning Bowl, acrylic on wood 

Neil Frankenhauser 

Ravine Redoo — Dawn to Dusk (triptych), oil 

and acrylic on canvas 

Lincoln Highway (diptych), oil on canvas 

Betty Fulmer, Findlay 
Transcendence, mixed media 
I Fifth Performance: "spirit of the happy sort: 
his gestures fierce", mixed media 

Best of Show 
Sixth Performance: "and thought one step 
higher would set me highest, ", mixed media 

Robert Garcia 

Harlequin, oil and acrylic on canvas 

Robert Gartzka, Clyde 
Snake Stand, polychromed wood 
Saw Horse Table and Lamp, wood 

Stevie Grand 

I The Fence, infra-red photograph 

Third Award 
Road I, infra-red photograph 

Adam Grant 

I Picasso Poster, oil on canvas 

First Award 
Studio Studies, oil 

Betty Fulmer, Fifth Performance: "spirit of the happy sort: his gestures fierce' 
Best of Show 

David Bewley, Slippery Hip 
First Award 

Lanna Pendeleton Hall, Montpelier 
Hemispherical Skyscape: Storm Over the 
Plains of Northwest Ohio, oil on canvas 

Gwen Harris, Findlay 

The Queen Don 't Care, collage 

James Havens, Oak Harbor 
Detroit, welded stainless steel 

Margaret A. High 

Libidinous Ladies, gelatin silverprint 

Thomas Hilty, Bowling Green 
Black Crappie, mixed media 

Garin Horner, Adrian, Michigan 
I Untitled, photo-montage 

Arts Commission of Greater Toledo 

Purchase Award 
I Untitled, photo-montage 

Arts Commission of Greater Toledo 

Purchase Award 

Second Award 
Untitled, photo-montage 

Scott Hudson 
I Callous Grace, graphite on paper 

Third Award 
Alone (From Others), graphite on paper 

James Huff, Adrian, Michigan 

Love Apple Meets the Prince of Darkness, 

hand-colored silverprint 

Carol High Imes 
Arachne's Destruction, mixed media 
Ritual Veil I and II, mixed media 
Second Award 

Aletha Jones 

I Checkers on the Lawn: Homage to Vuillard, 
watercolor on paper 

Third Award 
Homage to the Parthenon: Circus in Stone V, 
watercolor on paper 

Steve Kemmerley 

Purple/White Swirl Free Form, glass 

Claire Kirsner 
Madame, intaglio 

Norman Knutson, Hudson, Michigan 
I Yarn Still Life, intaglio 
First Award 

Paul Kolasinski 
Margie, watercolor 

Mike Kozumplik, Bryan 

To the Sunbirth Sea, silver and 

anodized titanium 

Tangent Titanium, silver and anodized titanium 

Virginia Kretz 

House in Maumee, gouache on paper 

Eugene D. Krolak, Jr., Carleton, Michigan 
I S.A. — Monroe Formation; circa 2000 AD, 
Second Award 

Charles Lakofsky, Bowling Green 
Red Clay Bowl, earthenware 

Amy Carolyn Lee 

Through the Window, oil on canvas 
Entrapment, mixed media 

Brian Lonsway, Waterville 
Sensuous, glass 

Linda Copley-Arnold, Crazy Quilt Series: *3 
First Award 

Robert M. Lubell 

Sounds, photograph 

Leonard L. Marty, Bowling Green 
I Half and Half, glass 

Toledo Area Glass Guild Award 
Webbed Plate for the King, glass 

Mark Matthews Archbold 
I Fred & Ethel (2 parts), glass 
Third Award 

Tom McGlauchlin 

The Power of Pyramids, glass 

Joan McKee, Rudolph 

I Notation, mixed media 
Purchase Award 

Bill McKinney, Bowling Green 
I 20th Century Primitive 3, glass 

Second Award 
1 20th Century Primitive 6, (2parts), glass 

First Award 

Shawn E. Messenger 

Homage to Fallen Works, glass 

Elaine Mikel, Maumee 

Sadie and the Ladies, mixed media 

Frances M. Mullins, Findlay 
Green and Golden Oracle, oil on 

Mark Nafziger, Archbold 
Lidded Jar, earthenware 

Joan Palombi 

Heated Ham on the Hoof, acrylic on canvas 

L. F. Pelo, Bowling Green 

Evolution, glass 

Give Me, glass 

Red and Green Progression, glass 

Rob Piatt, Findlay 

Under the Bridge 2, acrylic on canvas 

Jan Pugh 

Cabbage Relish Tray, porcelain 
Baking Basket, majolica 

William L. Rabideau 

Radiation Bathers, pastel 

If Yuh Dunt Eatchyer Meat, Yuh Cahnt Have 

Any Pudding!, colored pencil 

Richard Reed 

Sherwood and Richard, pastel on paper 

Inga Reynolds 

Big Sky, gouache on paper 

Joyce M. Rice 

The Cool Woods, acrylic on canvas 

Mary Lynn Rogge 
NP Blue, glass 

Ruth Rousseau 

Every Dreamer, plaster in glass 

Path of Blue, glass 

Paul Running, Bowling Green 
Concert in the Sunroom, oil 

Harmon Rusgo 
Tear Ta Hue, glass 

John H. Salazar, Sylvania 
Untitled, photograph 

Linda Salter, Temperance, Michigan 
Quarry Lake, acrylic on canvas 

Steve Smith, Dolem Table (Druid's Plant Stand) 
Israel Abramofsky Award of the 
Temple-Congregation Shomer Emunim 

Floy Shaffer, Bowling Green 
Porcelain Pot I, smoked porcelain 

Kathleen Shea 

Soliloquy, oil on canvas 

Michael Sheets 

Fighting Dogs of WW II, acrylic on canvas 

Scott Sherman, Findlay 

'58 Chevy, pen and ink on paper 
Childs Play *2, watercolor on paper 

Marilyn Griewank Da Silva 

Mad Hatter I (2parts), copper and silver 

Mad Hatter II (2parts), silver and nickel 

Mad Hatter Creamer and Sugar (2 parts), silver 

and nickel 

Geraldine A. Simrell, Sylvania 

Underfoot: Exercise after Leonardo, Ingres, 

mixed media 

Girl with Vase, mixed media 

Nathine Smith 

Enigma Variation XX, mixed media 

Steve Smith, Ney 

I Dolem Table (Druid's Plant Stand), slate 

and steel 
Israel Abramofsky Award of the 
Temple-Congregation Shomer Emunim 

Dolem Table (Merlin 's Tea Table), slate and steel 

Sally Snider 

The Wolcott Porch, watercolor on paper 

Gail Sponseller, Perrysburg 

O.R. Reflection, infra-red photograph 

Untitled, photograph 

Stevie Grand, The Fence 
Third Award 

Thomas Steinman, Maumee 
Glass Naturally *l, glass 

Katherine A. Sullwold 

Untitled, oil on silverprint 

Cheryl Takata 

Joe's Favorite, lithograph 

Friday Night..., colored intaglio 

Marvin L. Thorp, Fayette 
Primary Vase — Fumed, glass 

Adrian R. Tio, Bowling Green 

Between the Ax: The Prodigy, mixed media 

Double Portrait: Alan's Choice, mixed media 

Valerie Tio, Defiance 

Et Spiritus Sanctus, mixed media 

D. Townsend, Sylvania 
Red Rocker, acrylic on canvas 

Lois Van Dyne, Fremont 

Porch — Past, Present, Future, watercolor 

on paper 

Peaks and Porches, watercolor on paper 

Chotty Vergiels, Temperance, Michigan 
First Sewing Lesson, oil on canvas 

Marvin Vines 

Movement, ink on glass and paper 

Aletha Jones, Checkers on the Lawn: Homage to Vuillard 
Third Award 

Lisa Barroso Wahl 

Painting Space No. 2, oil on canvas 

L. J. Webster 

View from the 14th Floor, oil on canvas 

Meredith Wenzel 

What to Play? I Brought My Toys, glass 
Craft Club Gold Medal 

Christopher T. Werkman, Maumee 
Midnight Mylar, acrylic on canvas 

Marti Werner 

Bottles — Bowls — Flowers, acrylic on canvas 

Harold Wexler 

The Lighthouse, intaglio 

Carl Wheaton 

Flowers, oil on canvas 

Peggy Whiting, Temperance, Michigan 
Transparent Notions, charcoal on paper 

William D. Whitmer, Maumee 
Purdy, oil on canvas 

Molly Morpeth Canaday Award 
Cycle Parts, pastel on paper 

Tim Wilson, Pemberville 
Self Portrait, mixed media 

Gary L. Wittenmyer, Port Clinton 
Sanwa, oil on canvas 

Homer James Yarrito 

Untitled, glass 

Daniel Zawojski, Maumee 

Painting No. 1 from the Fender Series, oil 

on canvas 

Robert Zollweg 
Compulsion I, mixed media